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Are you searching for a professional, experienced and cheap furniture removals company? You have come to the right place; Star City Removal can help you with its high quality and exceptional standard moving services.

Now the Marrickville region can benefit from our trustworthy and reliable home services. Star City Removal is the only choice that you can help get rid of the tension and stress associated with moving home. We are well known name for people with our well trained, professional, honest and perseverant team.

All you have to do is get contact with our team of expert removalists to have your furniture packed up and ready to be moved on to your new home. We pride ourselves on providing the most time efficient yet safest removalist service in the Marrickville region so don’t hesitate – give us a call now to book a time on your moving day.

We Work Hard to Provide the Ultimate Service

Star City Removal always provide the highest level of quality service, if you want to have a comfortable and safe removals service then don’t waste time and choose Star City Removal today.

We can load and offload your all fragile kitchen stuff, table top glasses, tables, beds, sofas, cabinets and more luggage safely and without any damage. We have special boxes for packing up, trucks for safe shift, experienced and friendly packers who make the delivery comfortable and stress free. Our prices are highly affordable and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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So, do you need the services of the most relied upon, trustworthy removalists in the Marrickville region? Or do you have a question for our friendly team of staff? We are committed to providing an exceptional standard of service for our valued customers here at Star City Removal, and are here and ready to book you in for a time that suits you best.

We’re also happy to answer any questions you have – give us a call on +61 (0) 452 525 678 or fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

  • Read information about the services below

  • 4.5T Truck hourly rate
  • HOT
  • rate is excluded GST
  • 2 Man
  • 4.5T truck
  • Suitable for apartment
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  • 7.5T Truck hourly rate
  • HOT
  • rate excluded GST
  • 2 Man
  • 7.5T truck
  • Suitable for 1 or 2 Bedrooms
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  • 10.5T Truck hourly rate
  • BIG
  • rate excluded GST
  • 2 Man
  • 10.5T truck
  • Suitable for 2 or more bedrooms
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  • 15T Truck hourly rate
  • rate excluded GST
  • 2 Man
  • 15T truck
  • Suitable for 3 or more bedrooms
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  • 18T Truck hourly rate
  • XXL
  • rate excluded GST
  • 2 Man
  • 18T truck
  • Suitable for 4 or more bedrooms
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  • Custom Order You want a customize order
  • Choose
  • You Will Need to Dispute the Price
  • you require more man to move
  • size is not applicable
  • do you want to calculate differently
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  1. Studio Apartment
    • You will require 2 removalists or you may need more if required by the order you have made, all possible

    • The Capacity of the 12 – 15 cubic meters or more just let us know know for the accurate calculation of your quote

    • 3.5t trucks are mostly favorite of our clients for these kind of deliveries and removals just let us know if you will require more or a bigger truck

  2. One bed-room Home
    • Most our clients says that 2 man were able to move our home for this size bed rooms than we recommended two removalists to everyone and if required by customer we can be able to manage more to get your jobs done

    • capacity and the size vary from home to home so mostly it is 18 – 21 cubic meters and we will still need some information from you about your home and bedroom sizes to give you the best quote according

    • favorite truck for this size is 4.5t truck but it was sometimes different than it was required may be the customers have some tall items that can’t fit in the truck, for that we will need your luggage and belongings correct measurements so we understand that what truck size should actually be sent to you home for moving your homewares out

  3. Two bed rooms Home/Unit
    • Requires two or more removalists-man to do to finish the job on time but two persons are favorite of everyone and more if required by the customers

    • Capacity or sizes standards 28 – 32 cubic meters and more if the is applicable depending on your home and size scale

    • 6 – 8 tone or LR trucks has been a great size to move your home and baggage but you can order more if required and if you think your stuff can’t be fitted and will be waist of travels than try our bigger Trucks

  1. 2-3 bedrooms Home/Unit
    • two man required to do this job and more will be supplied if the customer think that the job requires it

    • 40 – 45 cubic meter are common sizes if you think these sizes are not meeting your requirement than tell us in person that we can consider the correct pricing

    • We have sent 10 – 12t truck to our customers for our standard sizes and they were 100% satisfied with the service and recommended us to their friends and family

  2. 3-4 bedroom Home/Unit
    • 2 man required or more removalists can be required by customers if they say so, and the job will be done on time but our standard sizes of removals mans required are correct

    • 50 – 55 cubic meters can be your luggage and belongings capacity or if that is different than please let us know in order so we can understand your quotes and give you accurate pricing for your home and office removals

    • 12 to 14ton truck can easily move this size of homes or unit but most of the time because of the tall or various items which is in your home can change the order format so please be advised that mention everything during the booking while you making

  3. 4-5 bed-rooms Home/Unit
    • Because of the size of the home its better to tells about how many removalists to be required or you can go with our standard 2 man removal experts who can move your home with safety

    • Tell us about the capacity of your items and if you think that you can go with the standard size 60 – 65 cubic meters that most of our customers says that is what they require to be moved

    • 14 – 16t truck size can be an amazing idea to move your home and the belongings or all your items if they are tall, big if small all just in one truck to move them out to your new home/house/office

  1. Office Relocations
    • Moving Office on the most stressful job, that most of the office owners don’t trust an ordinary person to move all their stuff with care because re-buying office stuff can be really stressful and costy so why not give this job to someone who is experienced and know what they are doing

    • Computers, Scanners, Servers, Servers Racking, cabling, wirings, networking items, all your voip system which is really critical and very hard to manage it and that would require someone to understand it and how to unplug or plug it back in so that we have an amazing and trained team to take care of office electronic to do it with very care

    • We will label all your items and cabling, so that you can understand your items for re organizing and you save time, and we are fully insured for public liability so you don’t have to worry about any thing and about any of your damages because we gave 100% satisfaction to our previous clients with 0% damage history, let us know by requesting a quote or giving a call to explain you more about how we are going to do all your jobs on timely manners

  2. Interstate Deliveries
    • with our interstate home or office removals enjoy your trip safe and easy

    • our removalists-specialists are able to pack your home-wares safe and sound with amazing tips and tricks

    • We are fully insured company for public liability so your long trip of home moving is hassle and stress free with our interstate deliveries to any state inside Australia than try us give your life a different comfort of staying out of stress and free life

  3. Cheap Boxes
    • Cheap boxes are available as low as 5$ dollars for your home moving and relocations which refundable after giving back the boxes

    • find out about our home relocation boxes and 28 days 4 weeks available which is deliver to you when you order and can stay with you for as long as twenty-eight days so you are stress free and you don’t have to hurry about it

    • give us a call and order your boxes and packaging tools today and let us know how many you need and what tools will you require all available with us and you don’t have to worry about looking for boxes in the shops because we make sure you get all your things done hassle free just from one place… let us know and get the price